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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ahead of Ourselves

Looking deeper into infinity
Stargazers pretend to understand
Cosmic dances between
Moons and suns
How worlds are formed
If tides once existed
A possibility
Of better earths
To infect and subjugate
Which life can live where
What secrets
The dark matter hides
And maybe if I weren't
So grounded
I wouldn't insist
On a little perspective

We can't comprehend
The mysteries
And basic construction
Of our own universe
Just mild suspicions
Of a greater connection
Like mushrooms unveiling
A fourth dimension
Or the power of
Flesh born magnetism
with each pebble's wave

Can't imagine what any
Deaf mute quadriplegic
Without a nose
Thinks they know
From a couple of mirrors
And lenses
Separated so precisely
They can trick
The otherwise sane
Into believing
What they see
Through the looking glass
Is any kind of reality

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