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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Generation Why

You have celebrated
Your own emasculation
Handing over the keys
Of destiny
While believing
You are still behind the wheel
You have boldly agreed
With another man’s idea
About temporary employment
Superseding the critical condition
Of a planet’s fading pulse
You have stood idly in place
While an economic gap
Opened beneath your feet
Swallowing generations whole
Thinking the lottery dream
Is attainable
To the true believer
You have bled for a flag
Doubled as a blindfold
And used by the firing squad
To sell you on the success
Of their weaponry
You have turned your back
On facts
Figures and immutable law
Replacing knowledge with
Propaganda and randomly
Applied blame
And yet you still
Have the nerve to sit there
Demanding others
To participate in a solution
Handed down to us
By the problem

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