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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We were walking around
Our hometown
The gravity got us down
There was a lifeless moon overhead
When she said
You know we’re probably better dead
Born a hundred centuries late
Was our fate
Minus money
Power and hate

Minus the money
Minus the power
Minus all the mounting hate

I couldn’t help but agree
With everything
The hurt made me want to sing
A song about impending night
In our sight
And nobody left to fight
Crushed beneath our apathy
The safest thing
This nightmarish sleepless dream

All I see
All I see
All I see is nightmares in my dreams

What a surprise
If you open your eyes

One thing left to do
For me and you
Is build an army just for two
Go down in a blaze of peace
And charity
In this war against our dignity
To battle in the face of defeat
For you and me
Is the only taste of victory

The only taste
The only taste
The only taste of victory

What a surprise
If you open your eyes
Well here’s your surprise
You can see through the lies

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