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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Math

Maybe it is
A simple game of numbers
Shaping these
Seemingly callous theories

When I think about
A thousand noble snow leopards
Clinging to not only to their
Diminishing hunting grounds
But their very existence
In the face of
A billion screaming
Short-sighted savages
I have no choice
But to side with the
Least common denominator
The cry unheard above the din

Of course
By adding math to the equation
I try to distance myself
From the ugly truth
Of having never seen a lazy
Cruel and addicted
Child molesting wild cat
Wallowing in its own filth
While attempting to unload
An infinity of self loathing
On the rest of the world

I can pretend
It is nothing more
Than a combination
Of ones and zeroes
In some unseen ledger
If that makes me seem
More human
But more often than not
We justify the sum
Of my solution

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