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Thursday, January 14, 2010

You Aren't Helping

In the aftermath of a movie
Capturing worldwide imagination
Religious leaders issue warnings
About a love of the natural world
Clouding judgment and
Replacing our rightful devotion
Of course
They know a good story
Is more rewarding than truth

How do they separate the creation
From the deity
Is it acceptable to trash his art galleries
Vandalize his museums and
Poison his gardens
As long as we have faith
He will welcome us
Into his mansion one day

Why let something seen
Touched and smelled
Something living and breathing
Recycling energy for billions of years
Affect your conviction
In a latter day mission statement

Robes are suits toeing company lines
Focusing on fiscal projections and
Drawing imbecilic barriers
In a dune-shifting desert
While justifying a death march
Against the Mother
Who actually births and sustains us

Remember your own tale of Eden
Why encourage anyone
To turn their back on such an ideology
Was that not intended to be the
Creator’s idea of heaven right here on Earth
Why fight an unsoiled virgin rebirth
Unless it has something to do with the fact
Pagans would run shameless and naked
Without pockets to pilfer

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