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Monday, June 7, 2010

Redemption Water

With inexorable determination
And weeks to spare
The rain pounded our desert
Changing the landscape
From thankful to green
To limp choked lung
Turning rivers into war zones
Giant trunks splintered
Against boulder
Snapping easy as bones
Blasting out roads
Swallowing the flood plain
Forcing ground squirrels
And outlaws to scamper
For high ground

So much churning violence
Within a demonic roar
Littered with debris
Of everything created above
For a moment
Believed it possible
For our machines
Buildings and network
Of varicose wires
To be uprooted
Torn from the ground
Tossed into the maelstrom
And with every dam shattered
During the cleanse
Eventually deposited
In the deepest ocean trench

Enough to wash clean
This shattered mind
And charred heart
Once and for all

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