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Monday, February 8, 2010

Tiger Traps

Never feel sane
Like I do when situated
On a mountain top
Staring out over a vast expanse
Of boulder and tree filled wilderness
Where symptoms
Of our disease
Have yet to spread

Imagine my horror
When rounding a bend
And coming face to face
Will all my demons
At once

A phalanx of lumbering
Black smoke belching machines
Boiling tar
And red plastic heads
Bouncing above jackhammers

Beyond the initial wave
Flanking every angle
Find myself ambushed between
Towering walls of granite and
Column after column
Of Abbey’s billboards
Discarded silver bullets and
Bright yellow bulldozers

Above the chaos
A swollen airliner in slow motion
Skims the horizon
Adding its distinctive war scream
to the deafening battlefield

Everywhere guzzling insects
Working at frenetic paces
And me swallowed whole
By one of the monsters
Everything corralled in steel lines
Far as the eye can believe

While snapping to the whip
I try to convince myself
Escape is still possible

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